Gumelemi 2016

GUMELEMI - Header 2

For the past 10 months I’ve been working on the latest edition of my digital magazine, Gumelemi. This issue commemorates Hurricane Joaquin’s historic battering of the southern islands of The Bahamas in October 2015. I’m so proud of it! I’ve never worked so hard on any of the ones prior. The main reason for that is that I became responsible for a lot of the content, so there was a lot of legwork on my part to find interview subjects, interview them and then transcribe our conversations. The magnitude of the storm and its damage also presented a challenge. I didn’t want to just have stories from survivors, I wanted to give readers an overview of Joaquin’s characteristics, touch on how the aftermath was handled and provide information about supporting the ongoing recovery work. Additionally, there were many people represented so I had a lot of moving parts to coordinate and stay on top of.

Producing Gumelemi is a labour-intensive exercise, but I really love pulling it together. There’s something about the nuts and bolts of it all that I find exciting and fulfilling. Moreover, with each new issue I’m rewarded with better design skills, new or deeper relationships with people and a great sense of accomplishment of having a story, or stories, well told. I hope you’ll read and enjoy!

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