The Prime Minister’s Middle Finger

Our Prime Minister flipped off a critic at a party event on Monday night. The person wasn’t actually there, but the PM wanted everyone present to know what he thought of their thievery allegations.

When I heard this news, I was disgusted. It’s ridiculous for our 73 year old PM to be behaving that way, and this is the kind of incident that sets the tone for rudeness, aggression and violence in our community. When our own Prime Minister can’t conduct himself properly in front of a crowd of sycophants, how can we expect better of people who see him and the rest of our politicians – consciously or not – as models for how to live and relate to one another? I want to be able to look up to our leaders and be inspired by them, not shake my head in disbelief and wish for them to demit office.

Recently, PM Christie described our society as the Wild West because of the increasing number of murders. His finger gesture makes him look like a hypocrite, since it displays the same disrespect, callousness and lack of self-control necessary to take another human life. If he – a career politician and our chief public official – doesn’t have the discipline to manage conflict in a dignified manner, how can he criticise young, disenfranchised men for not doing the same? He certainly isn’t setting an example for them to follow.

Christie isn’t the only disappointing politician in the news. So many of our leaders are nasty, corrupt, greedy and rude. I long for a change in our government, when there are more people to admire than to be frustrated with and to disdain. I don’t have to support their positions, but I would like to be encouraged by their work ethic and thankful for the way they esteem their office. Obama showed me that this is possible, and so I hope. God raises leaders up and makes others fall, and so I pray.

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