I say I like to write, and I do, but I haven’t yet disciplined myself to writing regularly. So here, I’m going to try that out, and we’ll see what happens. There’s not much else I can say about the content, it’ll just be on whatever my days bring me. That leads me to the title of this blog, which is inspired by one of my grandmother’s sayings: “You just have to take it how the cook serve it.” Where ‘it’ is whatever life has thrown at you – a flat tire, a rough day, the death of a spouse… And so, I’ll be musing on things I’ve been served, and you’ll in turn have to be prepared for however I bring these musings to you.


One thought on “About”

  1. gabrielle, this is a good first step re: intention, discipline & writing. think Grammy’s quote could be in quotation marks. your position: “And so, I’ll be musing on things I’ve been served…..” You’re the cook now doing the cooking……. the actor. You want to write and you want a readership. So are you just musing on things you’ve been served or are you in the kitchen dishing out after the human, creative, sometimes perfect, satisfying, sometimes imperfect, scary, dangerous, harmful, sorrowful, hateful, painful endeavor of cooking/living/growing. Re: Grammy Says – would love to see more engagement/response with her words from you as a young, bold, gifted, responsible 21st century woman. Alice Walker said to me at a public reading in London when I went to her for an autograph of her book: “You want to write, right? & you’re scared, right? Well, it takes love & a lot of courage to write”. Looking forward to the development of this great blog.


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